The beach has red cliffs above it

Darnley Point Cottages

A beautiful sunset near the Susanne cottage.

Annette is actually the property's oldest cottage and newest addition. It was originally a log cabin and its age is uncertain. Annette is named for the youngest granddaughter of Gerrit, the original owner of the property.

In 1984 the cottage was moved to the property from its original location near a small lighthouse at the south end of Darnley Basin.

The master bedroom has a queen size bed and its walls and ceiling are knotty pine. The rest of the cottage is paneled on the lower half with knotty pine. The sofa in the main room is a fold-away bed for smaller children or visitors and the bathroom is four piece. The cottage has an HD TV with satellite service and a DVD player. Also, high speed Internet is now available. Note that the pictures below were taken before the HD TV was installed.

It is our smallest cottage at about 400 sq. ft. and is ideal for a couple to enjoy. It is closest to the beach and has a beautiful broad panoramic east view of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. It is well insulated with portable electric heaters for the occasional chilly night or morning.

Walkthrough video

The kitchen has a refigerator, stove, table, and tiled floor The living room has a sofa, recling chair, and satellite TV The master bedroom has a queen sized bed and two end tables with lamps The cottages is nestled between spruce trees and is a short distance from the beach
The living room has a sofa, recling chair, and satellite TV